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No wonder Chinese remedies of Soujikai are so effective!!!

In Japan, traditional Chinese medicine is called "kampo."
The word kampo often conjures up images of tablets or preparations produced as a result of heating or steaming natural herbs, which are gentle on your body with few side effects.
While traditional Chinese medicine and kampo are quite similar, there are some differences.
Technically speaking, "kampo" is a system uniquely developed in Japan based on the knowledge of Eastern medicine imported from China. On the other hand, "traditional Chinese medicine" denotes Eastern medicine originally evolved in China, and its remedies are collectively called "chu-i-yaku."
"Chu-sei-yaku" denotes easy-to-use Chinese preparations produced based on traditional Chinese medicine.
Chu-sei-yaku can achieve certain desired results in most patients with similar symptoms.
Currently, over 10,000 kinds of medicinal herbs are used as ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine. With the introduction of various new techniques, including extraction of active ingredients at molecular levels, the potency of Chinese herbal remedies increased dramatically compared to those produced by traditional methods.

At Soujikai's clinics, we prescribe our proprietary herbal formulas to patients, which are a unique mixture of Chinese medicinal ingredients.
Drawing on Chinese immunotherapy, we successfully developed our chu-sei-yaku with extremely high potency and fewer side effects through trial and error.
Our therapy centers on oral treatment designed to regulate the body's immune system, with topical treatment administered to relieve external symptoms such as redness, itchiness, and eczema. (Patients who are pregnant or who exhibit minor symptoms receive only topical treatment.) Needless to say, we only prescribe non-steroid medications to patients at our clinics. Consequently, these natural remedies are less effective than steroids in controlling inflammation. Therefore, patients are asked to apply our topical formulas more frequently. For patients who are currently on steroid medication, we recommend continuing with steroid therapy for a while, while in transition to our herbal remedies.
This transition phase is necessary because sudden termination of steroid therapy can result in temporary exacerbation of symptoms. Patients are advised to use both steroids and our herbal preparations concurrently for about 1 to 2 months, as they gradually reduce the use of steroids.
Medical exams conducted by our doctors differ from those performed by kampo practitioners, who usually examine the patient's tongue and abdomen. Extensive experience is required to be a kampo practicitoner, who must find a unique blend of Chinese herbs that works for each individual patient's condition and predisposition.
When seeing patients with atopic dermatitis, doctors at our clinics rarely examine their tongues. Instead, they rely on scientific data obtained from evaluations of symptoms and blood tests to diagnose a disease.
Our treatment is a new, innovative approach that combines traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine.

Doctors of Soujikai say:
No wonder our Chinese remedies are so effective!!!

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