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Philosophy / History Message from President Adviser on Traditional Chinese Medicine
Message from President

Medical Corporation Soujikaii, combined with its predecessor, Kunisawa Clinic, has 60 years of experience in the health care field, operating clinics at two locations, Gotsu City and Izumo City, in Shimane Prefecture. We are a health care provider specializing in internal medicine, pediatrics, and dermatology, committed to fulfilling the medical needs of the local community.

Izumo Clinic is well known for its non-steroid therapy for atopic dermatitis (an elective treatment not covered by insurance), which uses Soujikai's proprietary Chinese herbal preparations.
Many patients from all over the country come to Izumo Clinic for this treatment. However, the remote location of the clinic with limited access makes it difficult to seek treatment at this clinic.
To resolve this issue, on June 2, 2005, we opened "Iwasaki Clinic" specializing in atopic dermatitis in Hirano-cho Chuo-ku in Osaka City, with the aim of making our therapy readily available to many more patients with atopic dermatitis.
We appreciate your continued support for Iwasaki Clinic as well as our existing clinics.

June, 2005

Photo Chief Director : Sumio Iwasaki


Professional Career
1985 Graduated from Shimane Medical University
Worked at Radiology Department, Shimane Medical University Hospital
1987 Worked at Kunisawa Clinic (currently known as Kunisawa Internal Medicine Clinic), Medial Corporation Soujikai
1995 Appointed as President of Medical Corporation Soujikai; also serves as director of Kunisawa Clinic (currently known as Kunisawa Internal Medicine Clinic)
2005 Opened Medical Corporation Soujikai Iwasaki Clinic; also serves as director of Iwasaki Clinic

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