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About atopic dermatitis Natural herbs regularly used by Soujikai
About atopic dermatitis –our commitment to relieving the agony of atopic dermatitis–

In recent years, our country has seen a dramatic rise in the incidence of atopic dermatitis. For a period of time, there was no established treatment for atopic dermatitis, which was considered to be an incurable disease. Once steroid therapy became widespread, intractable forms of atopic dermatitis with resistance to steroids have emerged and patients began suffering side effects from improper use of steroids, creating big social problems. In the midst of this confusion, a number of so-called folk remedies have surfaced, making the situation more confusing and perplexing to patients.

After becoming acquainted with Dr Songhua Li, we began to explore the possibility of developing non-steroid therapy for atopic dermatitis based on traditional Chinese medicine. About ten years ago, we launched our search for effective herbal preparations, and about three years ago, we succeeded in developing basic oral and topical formulas that are consistently effective in treating atopic dermatitis.

Whether or not our non-steroid therapy will be widely recognized as effective treatment will depend on future results, but so far, more than 90% of patients have responded well to this therapy, with few notable side effects.

We first began providing this treatment in Shimane Prefecture. As the therapy gradually gained in popularity throughout the country via a network of patients, demand for this treatment grew steadily in urban areas. In the hope of relieving the suffering of many more patients with atopic dermatitis, we opened Iwasaki Clinic Osaka in June of 2005 and Iwasaki Clinic Tokyo in November of 2006 and started offering this therapy to urban populations.

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